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Women's Self-Defense

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Why do we offer a self-defense class specifically for women?  Women face special problems when it comes to self-defense.  Did you know that about 27% of all women will experience some sort of sexual assault in their lifetime?  Did you know that of those women who are assaulted, 78% are assaulted by someone they know?  Women need to be able to handle an attack from someone they know, a family member, friend, teacher, co-worker, boss, or even a significant other.  And women need to be able to defeat a larger, stronger, faster attacker.  We offer a self-defense class specifically designed to address these problems.

Not only have we designed a curriculum specific to the kinds of threats women face, but we also designed it to be a safe, comfortable, judgment free learning environment.  Our teachers, Alex Mitchell, Summer McLaughlin and Jeff Fine-Thomas have years of martial arts training (they’re all black belts!).  But, perhaps more importantly, they are friendly, kind, empathic teachers who really get how to teach so women in the class feel safe and comfortable every step of the way.

There are no special requirements to join the class.  Women don’t need to be athletic, in shape, physically strong, or have any special training.  We emphasize safety so women can train with the peace of mind that they won’t leave class beat up.  And, we use techniques that take advantage of physics and leverage so that a smaller woman can defeat a larger attacker.  

A lot of women avoid taking a self-defense class because they don’t like violence (we don’t either!) and they fear instructors will pressure them into becoming more aggressive.  We emphasize the use of leverage, creating the proper distance, using technique effectively, and using your most powerful weapon - your brain!  We don’t want to turn women into the next Bruce Lee.  We want to empower them by teaching the knowledge they would need if they ever found themselves in a tough situation.

We also use science in our curriculum along with traditional martial arts.  To properly identify situations that are potentially dangerous, women need to know characteristics of coercive males.  Let’s be clear, the vast majority of sexual assaults against women are perpetrated by men.  But, obviously, not all men are bad.  So, how are women supposed to know when they are around a dangerous, predatory male?  We use social science research to teach women the characteristics of coercive men so women can identify these men before they find themselves in a tough situation.  And, the information we gain from research has clearly shown significant reduction in sexual assaults in women with this knowledge base.  

So, if you’ve ever felt afraid of taking a self-defense class, if you have ever worried that you wouldn’t be able to do the physical training, or if you thought you might be embarrassed or uncomfortable, we want you to know we’ve experienced those concerns too when we started training and we made a curriculum that is friendly, safe, and empowering, just for you.  Please give us a call at 405-286-1382.  It really could save your life and it very well could change your life! 

We have two classes to choose from.  First, for those who want a relatively short class, we offer a FREE 3 hour training that teaches the basics of self-defense.  This class is great to do with friends and is usually offered on a Saturday morning.  Call 405-286-1382 or email for information about when the next FREE class is scheduled.

For those who want the full training, we offer a Monday night class from 7-8pm for beginners and 6-7pm for our more experienced students.  This class will run all year round and you can start any Monday.  Students learn and become proficient at skills that they can use to defeat a larger, stronger, faster attacker under distressing circumstances.  Plus, students learn to identify the characteristics of coercive males so they can prevent circumstances that could be dangerous.  The cost is affordable at $40 per month (or $10 per class).  If you would like to start, just call us at 405-286-1382 or email us at Feel free to drop by and observe our classes at anytime!
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